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Last Version : 11.3.1 for DPP 3.15.0

WARNING : DPP++ is compatible with last version of DPP 3 (DPP 3.15.0).
It is not compatible with DPP 4.

DPP++ is a plugin-like program for the Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software Version 3.15.0. It adds the following functions to DPP :

The ability edit and convert old negatives directly in DPP More details
The ability to adjust locally certains parts of the image depending on their colors. This is the major new function introduced in DPP++ 10.3 More details See Video Preview1 Video Preview 2
The ability to define several RAW conversions (layers) and to blend them using selective blending points. This is the major new function introduced in DPP++ 10. See Before/After comparisons See Video Previews See Video Tutorials
DPP++ includes now the AfterDPP Plugin. AfterDPP adds some post-processing functions such as watermarking, framing, date stamping, etc. More on AfterDPP
The ability to have a list of favourite recipies and to rapidely copy/paste a recipe using buttons rather than menus. This allows to maintain a list of saved recipes and to apply them to new shots when desired easily. See Video
The ability to save for each pic until 5 differents conversions (snapshots) in just 1 clic. This allows to compare different raw conversions for a given shot instantly. See Video
The displays of a new list for custom picture styles. This list allows to save the custom picture styles. So it is no more necessary to clic on the browse button and to search for a picture style file each time you want to apply a custom picture style. After adding a picture style to the list, it will be there each time you use DPP. So you will have just to clic on the list and choose the picture style you want to apply. See Video
The ability to display an RGB Histogram inside the RAW tab. This allows to avoid switching continuously between the RAW tab and the RGB tab just to look at the RGB or Luminance histogram. Furthermore, this new RGB histogram can display alerts on a channel basis (Red, Green, Blue, RGB, Luminance) and can display statistical data including the position of the center of mass of the histogram. Furthermore this histogram is interactive which means that you can change the black and white points directly in the RAW tab. See Video
The ability to control the white/black points of the RAW histogram with extreme precision. See Video
The ability to adjust exposure automatically based on 4 criteria : placing the histogram center of mass at the center, saving whites, saving blacks, saving both blacks and whites. See Video
The display of composition guides in the trim tool : Harmonic armature, Gold lines / Rule of Third lines / Diagonals / Golden Spiral / Golden Rectangles / Golden Triangles. See Video
The ability to preview each color channel (Red, Green, Blue) individually and to display overexposure and underexposure warnings based on each color channel. See Video
The ability to adjust white balance using 3 color sliders : Cyan ⇔ Red, Magenta ⇔ Green, Yellow ⇔ Blue. See Video
The ability to save the custom crop ratios defined with the trim tool. The new crop ratios can be saved automatically and retrieved automatically. See Video
A tool similar to the measure tool of photoshop, which allows to correct the angle of a pic by drawing a line on the horizon or on a wall in the pic. See Video
The ability to display a magnifier tool to see at a big size the pixel currently under the mouse cursor and its RGB and HSL values. See Video

The program works only under Windows systems.

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Composition Lines and Crop Ratios Add-on

RGB Histogram Add-on


Picture Styles Add-on


Raw Settings Add-on


Magic Rule Add-on