AfterDPP is a new plugin for DPP. It enhances DPP by adding some useful post-processing functions. The pic above is an example of the kind of pics you can obtain directly within DPP by using AfterDPP plugin. You can find more samples of what AfterDPP can produces here.

You can learn here, how it works.

You have access to AfterDPP extensions through the Batch process window of DPP (CTRL-B).

AfterDPP completes DPP by adding the following post-processing functions :

  1. Add watermarks to converted pics
  2. Stamp converted pics with date of shots, automatically extracted from exif info
  3. Choose between 15 different algorithms to resize converted pics (for instance, famous lanczos)
  4. Add final sharpening to final resized pics
  5. Add frames to converted pics
  6. Add shadows to converted pics to provide 3D effect
  7. Add legends to converted pics
  8. Add borders to converted pics
  9. Add canvas to converted pics

AfterDPP is for Windows systems only .