See this video before downloading

To read before download

  1. Check that you are using DPP Version 3.15.0, English or French versions. You can download it here.
  2. Put the tool palette in docking mode. Go to Menu “Tools/Preferences/Tool Palette/Tool Palette display in Edit Image Window” and choose “Docking display”.
  3. Use the edit image window when editing. In the main window select some pics and then press CTRL+right arrow or choose from the main menu, “View/Edit in Edit Image Window”.
  4. DPP++ is for Windows Systems only.

Important Message for Windows 7 users

  • You need to use an Aero theme under Windows 7 so as DPP++ works correctly. If you use a basic theme, then some corrupted displays may occur. In this case you can correct the display by clicking on the program icon and then “Refresh” but it's better to use an aero theme.
  • To see the program icon in the notification are, you need to enable it yourself. Clic with the right mouse button on an empty area in the task bar, then choose propreties then Task Bar tab then customize button (or something like that, I have only the french version). Then enable the icon and notifications display for DPP++ Plugin application.

Trial version of DPP++

The trial version is unlimited in time but has less functions than the full version. However, it allows you to check if DPP++ works well under your configuration. See the table at the end of this page to know the differences between the trial and the full versions.

Differences between the trial and the full versions of DPP++

Feature Trial Version Full Version
Blending RAW Conversions and local adjustements A message is printed on pics Yes
Magic Rule Yes Yes
Copy/Paste Recipe Buttons Yes Yes
Composition guides Diagonales Diagonales, Thirds, Gold,
Spiral, Triangles, Rectangles
Channels in RGB Histogram Green, Blue Red, Green, Blue, Luminance
Alerts on channel basis Green, Blue Red, Green, Blue, RGB, Luminance
Save of custom crop ratios Limited to 2 Unlimited
Save of custom picture styles Limited to 2 Unlimited
Auto Exposure Blacks Blacks/Whites/Center of Mass
Precise Control of RAW Histogram No Yes
Statistical Data No Yes
SnapShots 5 5
Recipie List 3 Unlimited
White Balance Adjustment Green, Magenta Red, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Blue, Yellow
Magnifier Tool RGB and HSL values not displayed RGB and HSL values displayed
Preview of individual channels Green Red, Green, Blue